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DC 20KW Wall Mount

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DC 20KW Wall Mount

DC 20KW Wall Mount

CLX-DC-20KW / 30KW, 40KW fast charging wall mount charging pile suitable for residential, hospital, school, etc.

Technical specifications:

Outline dimension (mm): 550*305*210
Human-machine interaction: 7 inch DIsplay TOuch Screen
DC Power Supply : 380Vac±20%;50Hz±10%;L+N+PE
Rated current: 32A 
Output power:20KW/30KW/40KW
Working environment : Altitude: 2000m;
Temperature:-20°C-+50°C ;
Operating mode: No charging offline, charging offline, online charging
Networking method:  applet, Ethernet, 4G, Wifi
Protection grade: IP54
Connector: AC*1 
Standard: 2-Year Warranty


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