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Wall Mounted AC 11KW /22KW Charging Station

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Wall Mounted AC 11KW /22KW Charging Station

Wall Mounted AC 11KW /22KW Charging Station

The AC charging station provides 50Hz AC power supply with rated voltage of 220V/380V for charging electric vehicles with on-board chargers,which is mainlyapplicable to the following places: large, medium and small electric automobilecharging stations; various public places with electric automobile parking spaces, such as urban residential communities, shopping plazas, electricity business places, etc.; various transport hub areas, such as service zone at motorway, bus station, wharf, etc.; as well as acceptance requirements of real estate and engineering construction.

Product Specification: 

Outline dimension (mm) :340*240*110
Human-machine interaction: 4.3 inch DIsplay Touch Screen
Ac Power Supply : 380Vac±20%;50Hz±10%;L+N+PE
Rated current: 32A 
Output power :7kW/ 11kW/14kW/22kW
Working environment : Altitude: 2000m;
Temperature:-20°C-+50°C ;
Operating mode: No charging offline, charging offline, online charging
Networking method:  App, Ethernet, 4G, Wifi
Protection grade: IP54
Connector: AC*1 
Standard: 2-Year Warranty
Package Dimenssion : 400*350*200mm
Gross Weight: 7kg

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