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DC Charging Station 60/80/120KW (MODEL 1)

Home PRODUCTS DC Charging Station 60/80/120KW (MODEL 1)
DC Charging Station 60/80/120KW (MODEL 1)

DC Charging Station 60/80/120KW (MODEL 1)

Integrated DC charging station is applicable to urban public charging stations (bus, taxi, official business car, sanitation vehicle, logistics vehicle, etc.), various parking lots in urban residential areas, shoppingmalls and squares, power business places, etc.; charging station of intercity expressway and other occasions requiring DC fast charging.

Product Specifications:

Outline Dimension (mm): 1620*600*500(mm)
Human-Machine Interaction: 7~10inchtouchscreen
Input Voltage : 380V(three phase)ac±20%; 50Hz~60Hz; 3L+N+PE
Output Voltage: 200-750V
Output Current: 80A~250A
Output power: 120/160/180KW
Altitude : ≤2000m; 

Temperature : -20℃~+50℃;
Charging Method: VINcode, password, POS, code scanning
Networking Method: Ethernet, 4G, Wifi
Operating Mode: No charging offline, charging offline, online charging
Protection Function: Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Overcurrent, Shortcircuit, etc
Chagring Interface : Type 2/GB/T
Charging Cable Length: Standard Configuration (5m) optional
Protection Grade: IP54
Installation Method: Wall Mounted, Need to be machined with the corresponding accessories
Package Dimension:1900*800*650mm
Gross Weight: 120KW=180kg

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